Hello All,

My first official blog!  Its all so liberating.   Alright…on with business.

Whenever someone contacts me about writing sales copy for their website, I always ask the same question:  why don’t you want SEO copy too?  After a painful silence, I start to explain my question because so few people understand the true nature of strong SEO writing.  People fall into two very distinct categories.  Those who want SEO writing without strong sales copy and those who want strong sales copy without a SEO focus.  The question that I ponder so often is WHY?

All SEO experts (of which I can claim a moderate amount of knowledge and experience) and web designers worth the air they breath will tell you that getting picked up by search engines and increasing ranking is the name of the game.  But marketers across the world will unite in screaming the value of sales text that provides a high ROI rate.  Who is right?  Please trust the Goddess on this one (after all, have I ever lied to you before??)…….you have to have BOTH!

While it is true that getting people to your website is important, this is really the childhood argument about “the chicken or the egg!”  Don’t get caught in that circular logic.  If a professional tells you that only one form of writing is important for your website, then they are likely revealing to you their own beliefs and abilities.   Although I strongly advocate listening to the professional that you hire to help you create your marketing strategy and on-line presence, never do so blindly!  Ask questions.  Find reasons.  Compare it with what you know….see…..hear….understand. 

Things to Remember to Help you Find the Best Writer:

  • A good SEO writer should be able to provide you with rankings for keywords to use in the writing of your text. 
  • When searching for a Sales Copywriter, look for someone with examples of their work.  They wont be offended.  They are used to being asked to supply proof.  You should walk away from their writing thinking…..”I want to buy that!” 
  • Realize that Sales Copywriting for the web is WAY different than marketing sales copywriting!  I mean…TONS of difference.
  • Now…the important part…look for someone for your website that can do both of these things.  They should have URLs with results that they can show you.

Wow…time flies when you are having fun!  Plus, I am a Gemini…so I am ALL ABOUT THE COMMUNICATION!

Quote for today: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”–
Henry David Thoreau

Ask questions if you want answers!~~Diana