I know…I have broken the unwritten rule of blogging.  I have missed updating my blog.  I can hear the blog gods rumbling disapproval in the distance of the internet.  I hear the teller at the bank and the clerk at the grocery chastising me for my lack of respect of my blogging duties.  Or…maybe not.  I mean, all of those people cant really know about my blog right?  I am sure they are not sitting by their computer every night just waiting for me to log my blog!  And that is just the point that I want to discuss.  PR is vital to the success of any marketing strategy.  That is not the  “giving out your business card” or “placing an ad” approach to marketing.  PR is a whole different and often confused hybrid animal.  It’s a zebra with spots instead of stripes and very few people know how to properly work the PR machine.  But the point is not whether to promote using PR as a part of your marketing arsenal.  The point is not even where to promote because there are tons of free PR sites.  Later in the blog, I will give you my top 10 list of free PR listing sites!  (See…you have to keep reading for that.)  PRweb and MassMediaDistribution have both gotten good paid results for me personally.  The point is that you should promote using PR and that you have to do it correctly to achieve results. 

Big Question:  What is the wrong way?

Well, I am glad you asked!  Remember, PR is geared toward media exposure.  So, trying to sell yourself or your services will not work.  The media can smell a sell job a mile away and will not touch anything you send.  Instead, try writing about:

a      a success story

a      place you have broken into the market

a      a service that you provide that no one else does

a      a new way you are influencing your market

a      a break through in society because of your product

In short, if you can show them the news, they will find you!  There are many templates on the web to show you have to write a great press release.  But, remember….the key is that it HAS to be press worthy!  Sure, you promote yourself and show them it was your press release, but you are not selling the press.  Their job is not to be sold.  You are selling them a story.  To do that, you must excite their news sense and allow them to spread the news of your existence like it is there idea! 

Ok…. Top 10 Free PR sites (in no order):

  1. I-Newswire
  2. PR.com
  3. ClickPress
  4. PR Buzz
  5. USPRwire
  6. UKPRwire
  7. PressBox
  8. PRLeap
  9. 24/7press
  10. The Open Press

Next Blog: Link Building! (Probably….I get to change my mind!). 

Quote of the Blog:  “I mean look at Madonna, there’s a poster of her all over the world when she has a new album and I don’t think they’re any good. But there’s a lot of PR.” —-Victoria Jackson 

Now….if you are trying to figure out who Victoria Jackson is, then I have one more link for you….www.google.com!  If you have questions, comments, or emotional outburst….well, that is why I am here! Diana, Marketing Goddess