First, whatever I say from here on out in the blog….pay attention.  I am starting a New Years Resolution early and this is it.  Once a week (atleast), you can find me here.  The Marketing Goddess blog is ready to live again!

Why did I stop?  Easy…business got into the way.  I do not get paid to write here.  I did get paid to write other places.  The choice is easy right??  Wrong.  Here is where I teach you WHY blogging is important to your business. 

The call last week went something like this:

“Hi, I found you on the internet and I was impressed with what you had to say,” the voice on the other end told me.

“Really, you found interesting information on the website?” trying to prompt her to tell me what she read.  It is a marketing conversation that EVERYONE should be having with every potential customer that calls.

“No, on your blog.  I goggled you,” I could hear her smiling.  That made one of us.  I was not smiling because I knew the blog had not been updated in months.  And, I have learned first hand that blogs work in another way.

Recently, I started another blog (not listed on this site).  It has received over 20K hit in the past four months.  How does happen?  It’s not hard at all, but we will go through it in the next few posts!

Lesson here:  1—Blogs work.  2—Clients will find you on the blog.

Here are some blogging basics that you MUST accept:

  • You must commit to your blog.  If you are not going to keep a regular posting schedule, then save yourself time and money now.  Leave it alone.  This is extra important because blogging can bring you SEO hits.  Plus, an audience will not commit to follow you if you don’t give them a reason!
  • Get Technorati (and other social medias) hooked up from the start.  By adding easy ways for people to follow your blog, then you will build an audience because they get whatever they want with their Happy Meal.  See the green box over to the right that says “Technorati Favorites”?  That is my Technorati home where people vote for me!  VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME!  If I know that I am loved, then it is easier for me to keep coming back.
  • Load your Blog.  Some people simply put their comments out on the blog.  Your blog should be your home away from your website.  Adding content gives people places to look around and find out more about you.  For example, on my blog, you can see customer testimonials.  Give them a reason to talk to you.  AND…your contact info should be prominent.
  • Plan the information you want on your blog.  What do you want to say?  How often?  What schedule do you want to set?  Get with your marketing person and set up a plan for your blog.  Your marketing plan should include this important step.
  • Have someone design your space.  Its not rocket science, but it is brain surgery.  No…not really.  But in truth, a good Blog Marketer (if not me, then someone please) can give you hints on what to include, how to lay it out, and where to cross the Ts.  You can also get information on writing for human beings as well as search engines.  A great blog marketer will hold your hand through this process.

Ready to get started with your blog marketing campaign?  You have my blog New Years Resolution.  Is getting more business part of your New Years Resolution? 

If you have questions, comments, or emotional outburst….well, that is why I am here! ~~Diana, Marketing Goddess