People often ask me why I am in marketing. I know, it seems like your insurance agent. You don’t want to admit that something horrible could happen, but you need to make sure you are covered in a case it does. Well, marketing people are much the same way. The best of us, really good at what we do, watch people…analyze….and find ways into their buying consciousness. Does that seem predatory? Perhaps.

Unfortunately, people sense this about marketers. Like we are all the tele-markers that call you during dinner time trying to refinance your house or get you to take another credit card. No…but I would like to note in this space that if AT&T calls me just once more (7 times in 2 days) that I will be going to a cable phone line!!

See, for each client I work with, I can see the vision of their dreams. I don’t take every client. I would not waste my time or efforts with people less than motivated to reach for success. They get to define that goal for themselves. Is it tons of money? Ok. Is it taking their messages of love to the world? Yes. Is it starting a business so that they don’t move through life stumbling over a 9-5 existence? Super. I can help with these visions.

Here’s the confessions part: What is in it for me? If you say money, true. I get paid, but that is not the payoff. If it were, why would I live in the blogosphere? Why would I turn down clients who do not have the passion needed or the understanding of achievement? Why would I fire clients who are not meeting my expectations? (yes…did that twice this week!)  I mean, anyone can write a check each month!

What is in it for me is a small idea I have called “Building Dreams on Dreams.” That means, quite literally, that I get to participate in the construction of other peoples dream.

  • I get to see that first direct mail campaign equal a sale.
  • I get to watch as the website or blog start to get responses.
  • I get see their PR turn into interviews and product buzz.

I build my dream—being the Marketing Goddess—on the successful achievement of the dreams of others. That is worth more than money to me. So, here I am blogging about the best ways to market for those who need help and understanding to get their part of the dream.

If you have questions, comments, or emotional outburst….well, that is why I am here! ~~Diana, Marketing Goddess